Crossed drainage tubes sale

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4 groove channel, 360 degree all-round drainage, and one-time convergence molding, has the following advantages.

1, because of its circular open channel structure, so the effective drainage surface is large, which brings 360-degree all-round drainage effect, the actual use of the drainage flow is large, high efficiency, good effect.

2, because of its innovative four-channel instant convergence forming technology, there is no transition point, so it is not easy to block in the process of use, good fluidity.

3, because of its special groove bracket structure, that is, to increase the drainage efficacy, but also will not cause poor drainage due to bending, bending, combined with its material itself has the elasticity, so that its automatic recovery function is very good, can continue to maintain a good drainage effect.

4. Due to the capillary siphon effect brought by its unique intelligent profile, the drainage is ensured to be autonomous and continuous, thus the drainage is very thorough and the complication rate of postoperative inflammation is greatly reduced.


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